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Motive Power Block Batteries

VRLA dryfit

GF-V range (dryfit traction Block)

Main technical features and benefits

  • Maintenance-free (no topping up) motive power batteries in gel technology for high operating voltage

  • Robust, safe and reliable

  • Low self discharge

  • Two types with double wall for effective thermal management
  • Product range

  1. 6V and 12V block batteries

  1. 50 Ah up to 240 Ah (C5)

  1. 55 Ah up to 270 Ah (C20)

  • 700 cycles according to IEC 254-1 with 75% DOD


The GF-V range of blocks are suitable for hard industrial use. This includes applications for advanced guided vehicles, mobile elevating work platforms, cleaning machines, walk-behind pallet trucks, electric cars and buses. With Exide Technologies as your partner for system solutions we can also offer optimized chargers for these blocks.

dryfit Motive Power Block Batteries for hard industrial use GF-V range (dryfit traction Block)

Technical characteristics and data

Drawings with terminal position, terminal and torque


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