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Liberator Silver – The Synthesis of excellent technology and experience.

The successful development of Liberator Silver from Exide Technologies Industrial Energy results in a battery concept, which is impressive because of excellent reliability and minimal service routine.

Extended watering intervals (up to 120 days), the service requirements and operational costs of this range are reduced to a minimum. The low antimony alloy in combination with an adjusted charging regime results in reduced waterloss. The wide selection of cell types based on proven EpzS and EpzB types fulfils all demands of battery configurations.

Specification of Liberator Silver:

  • Level sensor for electrolyte
  • Water refilling system (quick refilling)


  • Battery management unit (BMU)

  • Tray sensor (liquid in tray)

  • Intelligent, microprocessor controlled acid circulation

Liberator-Silver – Cells overview

Liberator-Silver – Cells overview


Liberator Gold – reduced service requirements.

If you ask for maximum watering intervals Liberator Gold is the right choice. Based on the proven and reliable tubular plate this technology is a further development of this battery type with extremely low maintenance and operational costs. For all capacities water refilling intervals can be extended up to 200 cycles for this range.

The new cell construction, with low height plates results in a greater electrolyte reserve. In addition the low antimony alloy in combination with an adjusted charging regime results in a reduced waterloss.

All these specific characteristics greatly increase the watering intervals

which significantly improves operational profitability.

Specification of Liberator Gold:

  • Battery monitoring sensor

  • Water refilling system (quick refilling)


  • Battery management unit (BMU)

  • Tray sensor (liquid in tray)

  • Intelligent, microprocessor controlled acid circulation

Liberator-Gold – Cells overview


Liberator-Platinum – The absolutely maintenance free service solution for individual energy requirements.

For real maintenance free batteries retaining high capacities and staying power, the Liberator Platinum is indispensible as the strategic energy solution of the supply chain in a company.

In comparison to standard batteries Exide Technologies takes responsibility for calculating and tailoring the total maintenance work for this battery system in your application you only have to ensure the batteries are charged. The power is tuned to the individual requirements. The system will be installed in the field containing pulse-charge-technology and the Exide service staff cares for all service intervals.

Where logistics operations have to be optimized and cost of processes have to be reduced the Liberator Platinum is the right choice to do everything within one’s power on rationalization in the energy balance of modern logistics systems.

Specification of Liberator Platinum:

  • Battery management unit (BMU)

  • Tray with lid

  • Service contract

Liberator – the economic solution.

Complete range

  • The innovative Liberator battery concept by Exide Technologies Industrial Energy introduces a new standard in Motive Power cells.
  • The Liberator Silver range consists of a complete DIN and BS cell range in LM design (low Sb alloy and sophisticated charging Technology).
  • Liberator Gold range comprises cells with reduced plate height and low Sb alloy for extra long watering intervals. Electronic components for safe operation round off this range.
  • Liberator Platinum range is the full service battery concept that provides the end user a complete maintenance free system and flexible service contracts.

  • Liberator batteries are the ideal choice for light to heavy applications

Reduced service costs

Compared to standard traction batteries the Liberator concept will save money and manpower. Although acquisition and charger costs are slightly higher than for standard batteries, long-term cost benefits result of low energy and service expenses.

Cost deviation of Liberator


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